Preliminary program thematic sessions

Opening lecture: Anthony Hickey, RTI

Session 1:  Formulations and devices
Chair: Paolo Colombo, University of Parma

  • Formulation of high-dose antimicrobial drugs for dry powder inhalation 
    Pavan Muttil, University of New Mexico
  • Are high-dose multi-drug-compatible dry powder inhalers the solution for an effective TB therapy with antibiotics?  
    Anne de Boer, University of Groningen

Session 2:  Poster session
Chair: Erik Frijlink, University of Groningen

  • 10 poster nominees

Session 3: Development and implementation
Chair: Jan-Willem Alffenaar, University Medical Center Groningen

  • The development of a new TB drug 
    Speaker to be confirmed
  • Producing WHO guidance on novel treatments for drug-resistant tuberculosis    
    Dennis Falzon, WHO

Session 4: Preclinical, models, and modelling
Chair: Rany Condos, New York University

  • The power of in vitro models in the continuous battle against M. tuberculosis
    Tawanda Gumbo, Baylor Research Institute
  • The quest for potentiators for antimicrobial drugs
    Jurriaan de Steenwinkel, Erasmus Medical Centre Rotterdam
  • The value of animal models in the development of inhaled TB therapies 
    Lucila Garcia-Contreras, University of Oklahoma
  • The role of Functional Respiratory Imaging (FRI) in TB treatment
    Wim Vos, consultant

Session 5: Clinical trials and use
Chairs: Edward Nardell, Harvard Medical School & Tjip van der Werf, Beatrixoord (UMCG)

  • The pipeline of new TB drugs
    Speaker to be confirmed
  • The added value of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics for old and repurposed TB drugs 
    Simon Tiberi, Barts Health NHS Trust
  • How to choose and evaluate a new treatment regimen for MDR-TB
    Martin Grobusch, Amsterdam Medical Center / University of Amsterdam
  • The pros and cons of inhalation of new and current TB drugs
    Onno Akkerman, University Medical Center Groningen